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April 27, 2007 / Steve Rosa

Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” – Initial Configuration

After installing the server, it is time now to configure it.

The “Initial Configuration Wizard” is there to help us

  • Provide computer information
    • administrator account name and password
    • time zone
    • network settings
    • computer name and domain
  • Update settings
  • Roles and Features (will not be covered in this post)
  • Remote Desktop (will not be covered in this post)

This is how the wizard looks like:


We start by setting the administrator account name and password:


Then we check the time and timezone:


By default, the timezone is set to Pacific Time. Let’s change this to something more closer ;).


Looks better:


Then, we go the network settings. Nothing new in there compared to Vista:


I chose to set a fix IP address for this first server:


Then, it is time to set a name. It will be SRO-LH-01. No domain yet, as I intend to make it a Domain Controller in the coming days:


The system must be restarted to activate its new name:


Just to make sure that we really reboot:


As we have set a password on the administrator account, the server requires us to log on:


Which, of course, we do:


Then we continue with the configuration and take care of the update and feedback settings:


I chose to go for the manual configuration:


For Windows update, I decide to let Windows download the updates but that I would choose when and what to install:


Concerning the error reporting, I chose the default option:


Finally, I decided not to particapte to the Customer Experience Improvement Program, mainly because the server won’t be connected to Internet anymore after Longhorn is activated:


This concludes the initial configuration of the server. At this point, the server is ready for the addition of roles/features.

I will cover some of these roles in further posts.



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