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April 27, 2007 / Steve Rosa

Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” – Basic Installation

OK, now that I have downloaded the ISO of Longhorn beta 3 (took me 18 hours – looks like many folks were doing the same thing yesterday), let’s install a server.

In my case, it’ll be another virtual machine running within Virtual PC 2007.

So let’s see how the installation occurs. You will quickly see it looks like a Vista installation ;).

So, after starting the server (with the installation ISO image captured), this is what we’ve got:


Then, you’re prompted to select the language, regional settings and keyboard:


Click “Install now” to start the “Collect Information” step of the process:


You may enter the product key at this stage:


If you don’t enter any product key, the install will not be able to determine which version needs to be installed. Therefore, it asks you to pick up the version:


If you have a product key for the Enterprise version, you are then entitled to install either Enterprise or Enterprise Core versions (same mechanism for standard edition).

Afterwards, you need to accept the license terms:


Then you can choose to either upgrade a current installation or go for the custom installation of Longhorn:


Then, you have to choose where to install Windows (by clicking on “Drive options”, you can create/format/… partitions):


Then, the step “Installing Windows” starts: 


At some point, the server will reboot (can occur several times): 



Euh… Windows Vista?? 😉


After the reboot, the installation goes on:


Then, the desktop is being prepared:


and…… there you go:


The server is now installed ;). In a next post, il will cover the initial configuration of the server: name, admin password, network settings, …



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  1. Tyrrie / Oct 20 2008 10:16 am

    I have a copy but the key code has expired, how would I go about getting a good key.
    Thank you,

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