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June 28, 2007 / Steve Rosa

Personal news

I know… I know.

It’s been too long since my latest post on the blog. As an attempt to apologize, let me tell you that I have been rather busy for the last couple of weeks.

First I got to hear that my partner was pregnant. In fact, we are expecting twins!! Wow, what a news. So, little Alaïs is going to have two little brothers or sisters. Yipeeee!!!

As you can imagine, this implies a lot of life changes, the biggest one being that we will have to move in the coming weeks into a larger place.

On the professional side, I have been very busy with a project, still for my company Devoteam (which is recruiting various profiles). My contribution into the project will be tomorrow at its end. We are thinking about future assignments, but it’s too early to disclose anything relevant right now. I’ll keep you posted when I have enough concrete information.

OK, so now back to the blog. The IT industry is really shaking these days, so I’ll have a lot of topics to cover. Expect some posts on:

  • Windows Server 2008: I will do some testings on Server Core, Read-Only Domain Controller, TS, …
  • ITILv3
  • some other nice subjects: iPhone, SQL Server 2008, …




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