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Hello and welcome on board!

My name is Steve Rosa and I work as Business Consultant for the Consulting division of Getronics BeLux.

You can find on LinkedIn more detailed information on my professional life.

Note that I am happy to expand my network; so feel free to connect.

Happy reading!

Steve Rosa –>  steve.rosa (at)


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  1. Joe Lourenco / Mar 3 2008 2:06 am

    Hello Steve,

    My name is joe lourenco, and I am a desktop support tech. I have read your “Windows Server 2008 Install and Config.” However, I would like to ask for your assistance regarding a similar concept for Windows Server 2003 R2…regarding the basic configuration of the server after its install. Its not a domain controller…its usage is to be the OS on which other Server type software will reside on to do functionality. Like installing Landesk server on windows server 2003. There are issues like security, gpo, shadow copy, performance tuning, and more. Do you know of a link where I can find such tutorial. Google is not being helpful, maybe its the choice of words I am using.

    I am in a difficult situation as I have been asked to present a documented Checklist for a basic server install. I appreciate if you can give me some guidance. I only have 3 years in the field, out of college, Rutgers University, NJ, and I am trying. Please, let me know, even if you have something similar in your site. Thanks, I do appreciate your assistance.

    Joe Lourenco

  2. Steve Rosa / Mar 21 2008 8:47 am


    I am afraid I cannot help you on this one. But maybe someone reading the blog could help you. Fingers crossed.


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