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September 11, 2007 / Steve Rosa

[VMworld 2007] Livebloggers from the conference

John Troyer gives a list of the people liveblogging from VMworld 2007, which runs this week in San Francisco.


September 10, 2007 / Steve Rosa

[SCVMM] System Center Virtual Machine Manager has been Released to Manufacture

As the title says, SCVMM (codename ‘Carmine’) is now RTM.

A few links worth reading on the subject:


September 8, 2007 / Steve Rosa

[SoftGrid] Forums on the SoftGrid TechCenter

As the SoftGrid Team Blog announced earlier this week, three new forums have been created by Microsoft:

  • SoftGrid Server (including management)
  • SoftGrid Client
  • Sequencer

But this is just a start… there should be more coming in the future!!

Here is the place to go.


September 6, 2007 / Steve Rosa

[Virtualisation] New Microsoft Website!

Microsoft has created a new website dedicated to Virtualisation. Now we can see that Microsoft has a clear strategy in that technology area.

It is really nice to have all information at one place, including whitepapers and the like…


September 6, 2007 / Steve Rosa

[SoftGrid] Documentation Set on Microsoft’s Website

The Knownledge Base article 940163 makes the following documents available:

  • SoftGrid Client Installation Guide
  • SoftGrid Platform Administration Guide
  • SoftGrid Quick Start Guide
  • SoftGrid Sequencer Installation Guide
  • SoftGrid Sequencer Manual
  • SoftGrid Server Installation Guide

Here is where to download the document kit.


July 26, 2007 / Steve Rosa

Directory Experts Conference goes Europe

After a couple years NetPro – the organizer of the Directory Experts Conference – has decided to bring the Directory Experts Conference back to Europe. It will be September 24th to 26th in Brussels, Belgium.

Click on the banner for more info:


See also the press-announcement.

I had a look at their agenda and it looks awesome!


July 26, 2007 / Steve Rosa

Virtual Server or Virtual PC?

The Windows Virtualization Team blog has a very good post on the subject: Virtual Server or Virtual PC?.

It’s really worth reading it. Indeed, though both are compatible, there are some points requiring attention.